My Favourite Things About Rats

 There are two schools of thought on rats. One type of person may see them as a pest, others may see them as a pet. In my blog, I’m going to be changing people’s thoughts and perceptions about animals that have been seen as pests for centuries, and why they make such great pets for many of us. mgfhfg.jpgWhy would anyone want to keep an animal that has such a bad reputation in the pest world? I’m here to find out the answer for you.

Rats are really intelligent – Rats are favoured along with mice for mazes and puzzles because of how clever they are. Because they are so intelligent, having a rat means it can be trained in the same way you would train a dog. Amazingly, rats can learn their names, learn to sit and come to you if you call for them. This is why people love rats so much – because you can interact with them on a higher level.

  • Rats are incredibly clean – Domesticated and pet rats actually prefer to keep themselves super clean. Rats actually maintain a higher hygiene level than cats. They even prefer to use a litter box if you provide one for them, because they just love being clean.
  • Rats are easy to look after – Other than a pet rock, rats are pretty much the easiest pet to look after. They keep themselves clean, and generally only need cleaning out once a week. Rats eat pretty much anything as well, so you can keep food costs down by giving them the leftovers of your fruit and veg.
  • Rats show signs of personality – Once rats have settled in, they can start showing off their personality. The more time you spend with a pet rat, the more their individual personalities will shine through.
  • Rats are cuddly – Since rats are so smart, they eventually come to trust and love their owners. This in turn leads to a strong bond where they will want to receive affection from us. jmhEven though there’s some great plus points of having a rat as a pet, you need to make sure there are no rats as pests on your property. Rats who infest your home aren’t cute or cuddly, and carry a lot of diseases that could affect you and your family.